I usually don’t like too much working with WordPress.
A month ago a dear friend of mine asked asking me to create a plugin for his company
and i couldn’t because he wanted something too complicated for somebody –like me– who doesn’t know WordPress from the inside out
(he needed a subplugin for multisite integration with woocommerce and some other things i forgot).

So why am i writing a post about WordPress?
Well, because I have to admit that my past experiences with WordPress were pure frustration.
Working with WordPress for me it’s always been very uncomfortable and i recognize now that it was
because i did not have a solid workflow to get my local machine ready for WP development.

Now, after a few years of Front-End development and general interest in “front-end workflows” on other (non-wordpress) projects
i’ve tried to find (and actually found) a different approach which helped me to get a WP project on my localhost up and running in no time,
which immediately made me feel better organized and therefore happier to work with the platform i’ve hated for a long time now.

I’ve decided to share this to help occasional WordPress Developers to get more organized using new tools.

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ShareDesk - Rent Flexible Office Space

I’ve previously mentioned that ShareDesk was in beta mode…..guess what: 8 months and a trillion lines of code after: We have officially launched ShareDesk, check it out!


Someone just reminded me this poster today. (original found on: http://www.pixelriot.de/tag/art-directors-checklist/ )


I’ve personally been working for the ShareDesk project for almost 3 years and i’m proud to announce its beta version!

We’ve now introduced simple community features (internal messages, working/worked buttons, etc.) a new interface for the booking process and applied some changes to the space page!

Together with this we’ve internally find a way to deploy new features almost every week…so…stay tuned!

…and here’s some press:

• Forbes
• Betakit



SharedDesks (from AppQii Technology Inc.) has been selected to be one of the 26th companies that after a pitch-in person might move to the 3rd round of NVBC competition for startups.

Kia Rahmani and all of us @ ShareDesk will soon have one chance to be part of round 3 of NVBC and get closer to one of the NVBC prizes…Let’s see if the coworking finder will eventually have a chance to grow and get all of its new features online (some of them anyway coming really soon).

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I’ve just worked 5 hours on one of the most boring task of my life to solve one of my client’s issue…and solved it with in a really “weird” way….so weird i wanted to share it to hopefully save some life or some serious nervous breakdown :)

for all of you who will start to read “o is not a constructor” or “q is not a constructor” in your tiny little useful console while being in the “wp-admin” section trying to modify post, page, etc (any page showing the tinyMCE editor)….

I’ve no idea why…and i’ve no idea how…but with my combo (wp+genesis+venture theme) somehow the tinyMCE (i guess) was initialized twice
Took me hours to figure this out because of the huge combo of systems on top of the clean WP installation…anyway…here’s the solution:

Adding the following script in the “functions.php” file should make things right and let you correctly initialize tinyMCE once (to finally see labels in the right way, localization going fine, etc.):

  * START remove double initialization of tiny_mce

function remove_tinymce(){
	if (has_action('admin_print_footer_scripts','wp_tiny_mce')){
		remove_action('admin_print_footer_scripts','wp_tiny_mce', 25);

add_action('init', 'ckeditor_init');
function ckeditor_init(){
/*	global $ckeditor_wordpress;
	require_once 'ckeditor_class.php';*/

			add_action('admin_print_footer_scripts', 'remove_tinymce');

  * END remove double initialization of tiny_mce

Don’t ask me why, just say “thanks” if that’s what you’re looking for :)

Coworking Conference

October 20, 2011 — Leave a comment


The 2nd european Coworking Conference is coming!
From Shared Desks there will be 2 participants with the same name: me (Enrico) and Enrico …and it’s not a joke…we simply have the same name…
Anyway if you are into coworking or “co-working” like some newspaper says join us!

…and since, basically the same guys, has gone live with the new coworking survey….please take a few seconds to answer a few questions (i did it….and it really took me something like 50 seconds) here and help everybody to get a better idea of the coworking scene worldwide. Ok?

That’s it for now…i just wanted to spread the word about the conference :)

Shared Desks - Coworking Conference

UPDATE 01/11/2011:
SharedDesks will be on stage the second day – Panel 2.

UPDATE 07/11/2011:
SharedDesks is now online!!!

HTML5 Admin Template

August 31, 2011 — 2 Comments

I’m happy to present my last project (my first opensource project): html5admin a simple html5 ready admin template for those programmers, like me, who feel like wasting time in building every time new html structure for their new clients.

It’s open-source because it wasn’t more than 3 days of work, but it’s a start…and i really hope somebody will support it by improving it.
It still needs a lot of features, but it could be considered “ready-to-use” since it’s covering the most common UI actions…

So: if you feel like helping or you were looking for a new template for your next administration section…here’s the github / download link and the demo pages.

In  previous post of mine i’ve talked about a table plugin that i was using in a few back-end projects.

This is a new post to correct myself…I’ve found a (imho) better one (that does not even need a review…just try it)!

It is called DataTables (jquery data tables plugin)
and this is a preview of one of its GUI (supports custom theming and jqueryUI theming system):