I've started with Web Development in 2006 in Torino, Italy.

Since then I've been working (mostly as a consultant) with perfectionist –Type B– designers, complicated –Type A– developers, and spent a countless hours writing e-mails and attending meetings about planning, estimating, discussing, fixing, pivoting, refactoring, supervise tech products and digital teams.

I enjoy teamwork, i am capable avoid or handle stressful assignments and i'm usually very intrigued by any new venture that i get to know or work at. I also occasionally give advices to early stage startups struggling to bootstrap.

ShareDesk (now Optix), my first venture was co-founded in 2009 with a team of friends, started to be recognized in 2012 as the Airbnb for flexible Workplaces, and has been successfully funded. Its seed round ($1.1M) was led by Tim Draper's DFJ and today it's still one of the main players in the Coworking Management SAAS.

My second venture is called stood.it and started in early 2015. It's a wooden product (B2C+B2B) and early B2B customers include many Tech Companies and Events (Google, exoclick, Breather and more).

In 2017 I've mentored an Italian Bus Startup (acquired by BusForFun), in February 2018, I've helped æternity building its Blockchain SDK and Developer Tools.

⭐ Over the years I've had the pleasure to consult and work with many European Agencies and all kinds of agile startups, brands and organisations. These include GetUnik (Red Cross, Amnesty International, Salvation Army, Caritas, Save The Children, ...), Vyking (Infrastructure, RBAC B2B "Dashboard"), Acker (Data Platform for School Teaching Tools, Learning Platform, Multi Website) and more.

From 2019 I work as CTO / Principal Engineer welance, a multidisciplinary network of independent professionals, acting as a full-service Digital Agency.

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